Jacky and Andrew

Getting hitched in the bay of Positano 

Villa S.Giacomo never looked more stylish and fun 

Meet the couple who shook the traditional grounds of Positano. 

Jackie and Andrew were a young, fun couple from the States looking for an Italian villa where they could celebrate their nuptials with a small group of 24 guests.

Their selection was based on venues located by the seaside where the entire group could be accommodated -  after all it was fun to be all in one location and share each moment together. 

We have been working with Villa S.Giacomo on the Amalfi coast for quite some time now, and instantly felt that this was a competitive option to present to our couple and their parents. The villa is luxurious and full of any thinkable comfort, from the opulent suites, to the breakfast on the sea-facing terrace, the delicious home-cooked food prepared by a private chef, a private swimming pool and possibily one of the best views of the sea from Positano hillside.

Decorated with extravagance and a certain flair, we knew that both would have loved it right away. 

Wedding planned by

The vision

Jackie and Andrew's notes

Fede was happy to be traveling down to her favorite Italian coast for another day of joy. She could see the excitement in the family for the upcoming event, and she reassured everyone that everything was going to be handled and prepared stately in style, yet intimate.

She could see that there was going to be a lot of photographic opportunities with the colourful flower arrangements, décor and the spring-like dress code for the female guests, so she had a good chat with the photographers and made sure the light and trendy vision that Jackie had in mind would be kept as a reference throughout the whole shoot.

The five deal breakers for Jackie and Andrew

  • Location: by the sea, with accommodation facilities on site
  • Ceremony: symbolic
  • Venue: ideal for an intimate party
  • Guests: 24 
  • Side notes: very colourful wedding décor

The action plan

How did we pull it off

The town, the sky, the sea never looked so limpid on this warm October day. Even if we staged such climate perfection, it could have never turned out so spot on.

Jackie arrived at ceremony site looking incredibly beautiful. Her dad giving her away, was holding his tears. In the momentuous part of a wedding day, the air is charged with emotions and palpable sentimental energy, we were all joining in the expected tension. 

Once the ritual came to an end, the newlywed couple rocked their way back on the tunes of Blink 182, taking their first step as husband and wife on the wonderful green lawn covered in white petals that we had layed out for them.

The live band gave their all and entertained the night with a selection of light rock music which pleased everyone, and created a fun environment with lots of dances and screams of joy. 

This was by far the most fun wedding we coordinated of the season, and couldn't be happier to have helped this young couple see their dreams of a colourful wedding come to life.