Olivia and Justin wedding

A dreamy venue for a gorgeous couple

Iconic castle wedding on a cliff overlooking the sea

On a perfect sunny summer day, Olivia and Justin exchanged their love vows in one of the most iconic venues in Europe: the Castle of Duino is on top of the coast overlooking the Trieste gulf and North Adriatic Sea. The venue is such a splendid and unique gem that getting married here is already a privilege. Add the wonderful decorations from Olivia that perfectly match the noble soul of this Italian castle, and you can imagine how beautiful this wedding was!

Wedding planned by

The vision

Olivia and Justin's notes

Refined and classy in a top Italian venue. The Wedding simply followed Olivia's desire for romance. We had a fantastic time defining the vision and looking for the right vendors. The quality of food was above our (and the couple's!) imagination as we asked for one of the best restaurants in the area to provide the service, exclusively for us at the castle. 

Flowers and decorations were attentively arranged to express a feeling of romance and classiness considering the colours of the courtyard of the castle. They were just as perfect as you can see.

The five deal breakers for Olivia and Justin

  • Location: anywhere cool, better if out of touristy tracks
  • Ceremony: romantic and unique celebrated by a friend
  • Venue: gorgeous and unique
  • Guests: few by heart
  • Side notes:

The wedding plan

How we planned Olivia and Justin's castle wedding

What an incredible few days these have been for us planners, too! We can only describe it as a constant whoo-hoo moment, surprise after surprise.

On the afternoon of the wedding day, two clarions welcomed each water taxi arriving at the Palace by the canal, introducing the guests to the special location. We certainly had some big names in the guest list, two of which were Hollywood actress Ellen Hollman and director, screenwriter Angus MacLane. 

The sit-down dinner turned out to be a very beautiful show, light and engaging. There was rarely a moment of silence or void, and guests could get entertained visually, or by listening to the many musical performances, and even getting their future be told by a professional tarot reader dressed for the occasion half as a man, and the other half as a lady. The sequence of musicians chosen by genre was a true success and matched each moment wonderfully. 

The final day of this lavish weekend saw the group together once again for a brunch, followed by a bacaro tour in the afternoon during which English-speaking guides shared anecdotes and stories about Venice, in between stops to visit the local bacari, the typical bars around here.

We are humbly proud of how we could pull off the entire choreography, and are forever thankful to our bride and groom for giving us these special memories.