Olivia and Justin 

A dreamy castle for this couple in love

Say YES to a clifftop castle wedding 

On a sunny summer day, Olivia and Justin exchanged their vows in one of the most iconic venues in Europe, the Duino Castle. Overlooking the Gulf of Trieste in the northern Adriatic Sea, this venue is a true gem where couples can enjoy the privacy of a romantic ceremony, but also make use of the large spaces, ideal for lavish receptions and a bountiful wedding decor. 

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The vision

Olivia and Justin's notes

It didn't take them long before finding the right venue. Olivia was promised by her fiancé a clifftop wedding ceremony, and that's how we introduced them to Duino Castle, in Friuli. Their first google search took them to Miramare Castle, only a few kilometres further on the same coastline. A wonderful example of old-school romance, filled with history from its royal owners and original antique furniture. Sadly, not available for private rental. 

Duino was no second choice, because its class and majestic size fit quite right with the decor ideas of Olivia. Flowers and decorations were attentively arranged to amplify the romance feel the bride requested, and matched tastefully with the colours composing the gothic-renaissance architecture of the courtyard. 

Have a look at their photos to see the results.

The five deal breakers for Olivia and Justin

  • Location: by the sea
  • Ceremony: outside, celebrated by bride's dad
  • Venue: romantic, imposing castle
  • Guests: only close family, 20 max
  • Side notes: sightseeing activities for the wedding weekend

The action plan

How did we pull it off

We loved helping this Californian couple who traveled to the far-off north corner of Italy to fulfil their wedding dreams. Friuli is a place close to our hearts, since it's where the original idea of WeddingItaly - and the majority of our planners - were born.

The planning went as smoothly as the wedding day, and certainly many were the highlights of the event. One special mention goes to the quality of the food catered by a local restaurant who delivered an incredible dinner menu, well above everyone's expectations - by the look on their faces. 

Overall, the wedding weekend gave our guests a chance to venture in this beautiful area of the country, meeting the elegance of Trieste, living the ancient charme of Miramare Castle during an afternoon visit, and tasting the great production of local wines.

Who says that your wildest wedding dreams cannot come true?!