Weddings in Monopoli

Puglia weddings in Monopoli: emerald green centuries-old olive tree against a sapphire blue sea

Much beloved and renowned since earliest times, Monopoli is considered even nowadays as one of the most beautiful towns of Puglia. The very name Monopoli is a hint to the importance of this charming location: from ancient Greek "Monos" (unique) and "Polis" (city), the uniqueness and beauty of this special city keeps charming its many visitors! Are you looking for a unique venue without equal?

Once the only existing port between Bari and Brindisi, Monopoli is ideally located and is a perfect starting point for those who wish to discover and explore the whole region from Puglia: visit the Trulli of Alberobello and the Grottos of Castellana (both at only 15 km away from the city centre of Monopoli), enjoy the beaches of Polignano a Mare (at only a 15 minutes ride from the city) or the "White Town" of Ostuni (40 km away).

Monopoli is an excellent choice for all kinds of events: located midway between the airports of Bari and of Brindisi (at 45 and 70 km from the charming little city), it is an ideal setting for a massive wedding in Monopoli with guests coming from all over the world! Monopoli, it is a typical, quintessentially Italian location: genuine and nontouristy, it will be a perfect choice for brides and grooms dreaming of the "real Italian wedding experience" with a bit of cosmopolitan and trendy atmosphere.

Side by side with the most relaxing beaches and the liveliest discos

It is barely conceivable to visit Monopoli without diving into the tempting, crystal clear sea-waters. The beaches of this marvelous little city are in fact considered among the most charming of the area… Ideal for those looking for some relaxation or, why not, if you'd like to celebrate your symbolic wedding in Monopoli directly on the sea!

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