Castle in the heel of Italy


A magical location to enchant your guests 

What speaks louder romance than tying the knot in a noble fortress? Here's a spectacular venue with incredible designed gardens and invaluable period furniture for your private high-end event in Puglia. The castle is one of the most known on the Italian scene and never missed a chance in meeting the requests of newlywed couples.


The venue is located near Lecce and sits in the province of Salento. The city, one of the most amazing Baroque masterpieces of Southern Italy is incredibly beautiful for its unique architecture. 

Accommodation is provided in rooms available for the closest family and guests and it is possible to stay for a minimum number of nights. Parties can last until late hours as per tradition.

PRIVATE VILLA in the castle property: 5 rooms and private swimming pool

LUXURY SPA in the castle property: 10 rooms, SPA and small restaurant for guests.