Amanda and Nicholas

Love was in the air 

An Italian-American wedding in the wonderful setting of Fasano countryside

With quite a number of locations on offer in the Puglia region, this gorgeous couple flying out of JFK could not have chosen better. Masserias carry a very calming energy because of their historical service and attachment to the land. Nowadays they are designed for couples like Amanda and Nicholas, who are looking to have a multi-day experience, entertaining, celebrating and making some of the best memories with their loved ones.

Let's remember together some of the highlights of Amanda and Nick's day.

Wedding planned by

The vision

Amanda and Nicholas's notes

We loved helping this happy couple find the right way to make their dreams a reality. A very nice part of the planning of this wedding was the chance to be working together with Amanda's family who lives in Apulia, which brought ideas and a very nice synergy with it.

After a pre-wedding visit on site, we were taken aback! We thought 'they are going to be inundated with photograph opportunities' - and you can see it for yourselves.

The setting has an undeniable elegance about it, which explains their choice to keep the floral decorations classic. Lots of white, various shades of earthy greens and an impressive half arch to be used as a backdrop during the ceremony. Given that the location caters for guest lists of all sizes, and the ample choice of stunning spaces for nuptials to take place, bride and groom finally settled on the little chapel out in the courtyard. 

This way the framing of the photos would be even more beautiful with the chapel as a background.   

The five deal breakers for Amanda and Nicholas

  • Location: somewhere in Puglia, where Amanda's family is originally from 
  • Ceremony: symbolic, celebrant provided by us
  • Venue: Masseria already booked by Amanda and Nick
  • Guests: 97 people, from the US and Italy
  • Side notes: Amanda's side of the family living in Puglia would help with the planning

The action plan

How did we pull it off

Witnessing the coming together of two big families in the land of Amanda's ancestors brought even more emotions to the wedding party. The venue was buzzing with a plentiful of lights, flowers and smiles as people moved around the garden area where we had small market kiosks installed, offering local cheese specialities like the world-famous caciocavallo, and the many milky burratas and ricottas. 

People looked ecstatic about the setting and all the attractions set up for their entertainment, and left the party feeling joyous with their very pretty wedding favours - a small olive oil bottle hand-made locally to measure, with special decorations about the wedding.

Amanda and Nick's wedding was definitely one for the books. 

Our big thanks go out to the bride and groom for their trust in letting us work our magic on their most cherished wishes.