Alysha and Max

An Intimate Italian Fall Garden Wedding on the sea

Wedding Italy Planners took all the stress and delivered the best. We've always heard things like "you won't eat on your wedding day," and "You'll be so stressed the whole day will be a blur." This was absolutely not the experience we had. Auro and the team did such an amazing job of planning and executing that by the time our special day rolled around we were able to be totally present and truly just enjoy each other and our friends and family.

Planning a wedding in Italy while living in the US meant that we had to rely on our wedding planners a lot. We didn't even actually see our venue or sample any of the foods until the day of the wedding. This might sound like a challenge but because we had planners we could trust we had the most amazing venue, food, DJ, experience, and ceremony, that we could have asked for. We could not recommend Wedding Italy Planners more and honestly, including paying for the full wedding, honeymoon, planners, and even flights for us and a few relatives our wedding cost a fraction of what it would have had we stayed in the US.