Weddings in Siena

Siena finds its perfect atmosphere in Piazza del Campo.

Just imagine the charm of your big day in Siena. Here, sitting in this marvelous square by night with a good glass of wine in your hands among small groups of Italians and tourists with their own wines, you will enjoy the summer breeze and the pink/orange light of the Piazza shines over the bricked walls of the color of the sand (terra di Siena): this is a typical evening, a Tuscan "must do" experience. 

The town which has fought for centuries against Florence in middle ages is one of the pearls of Tuscany and one of the prettiest small towns in the World. A masterpiece of architectural palaces, all along small alleys, leading to the celebrated Piazza del Campo.

Live the magic of Siena

There is something magic about Siena: behind the narrow streets, the ancient palaces, the smile of the people, the wine, the food, the moon, the colors of the land, and of the walls. The city has hardly changed over the century… taking a stroll along the splendid alleys of this marvelous city you will feel as if you had traveled back in time!

A wedding in Siena will never be disappointing.

This is the perfect venue for a special exclusive elopement in Italy, a winter new year’s eve wedding or even a large event with many guests. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information about the possibilities of a romantic wedding in Siena we will be happy to guide and counsel you throughout the entire process!

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