Weddings in Montalcino

A dream setting for the most romantic events ever

Located in Southern Tuscany not far away from Siena, you will discover this charming village surrounded by majestic walls and dominated by an imposing ancient castle. This little hillside town is so beautiful that you will feel as if you had just entered a charming, romantic fairytale… a matchless atmosphere for a romantic wedding: live your dreams, have your wedding planned in Montalcino!

Tradition and good wine

Located at the very heart of the charming Val d’Orcia, the historical town of Montalcino is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. Breathtaking landscapes, historical sites, and delicious wines will accompany you throughout your big day.

Discover the historical beauty of this marvelous town: ancient medieval buildings enriched by a charming Renaissance flavor…breathtaking landscapes and romantic nature… From the top of this charming town, you will enjoy amazing panoramic views of the surrounding countryside where sunflowers alternate with wheat fields and vineyards.

The beauty and fascination of an unparalleled venue: history, art, and music

In Montalcino art and culture have always taken on the greatest importance: that’s the reason why this is one of the most beloved destinations for those brides and grooms who wish to celebrate a romantic and charming wedding. The majestic fortress “La Rocca” dominating the whole town and the surrounding countryside was built during the 14th century to control the whole area in a time when Siena was controlling the town and its surroundings. Previously a symbol of dominance and control, the imposing fortress in nowadays considered as one of the most beloved sights of the town, where people can enjoy charming views and a favorite location for concerts and festivals of all kinds.

Take your time to enjoy the splendid medieval atmosphere of this unparalleled Tuscan town: there’s no better way of discovering the fascination of this marvelous wedding destination than by romantically ambling along the narrow alleys, holding hands with your beloved one… and afterward relaxing while sipping the excellent local red wine “Brunello di Montalcino.” 

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