San Gimignano

Weddings in San Gimignano

San Gimignano: a world heritage location

San Gimignano rises on a hill dominating the Elsa river valley with its towers leading to the sky. The arrival in San Gimignano is dramatic: the sweet countryside changes from soft and tender hills to spectacular views of the woods, the towers of the town can be seen from miles away, and you will feel to reach the top of the walled town. This spectacular fortress town will leave you the impression of having traveled through time! That’s the reason why weddings in San Gimignano are among the favorites in Italy.

Either you choose a civil wedding or a Catholic ceremony, San Gimignano offers some of the most romantic venues.

No matter what kind of ceremony you would like to celebrate for your special day, the marvelous town of San Gimignano will present you with the perfect setting! Civil wedding takes place in the charming Palazzo del Popolo, splendid medieval building and town hall of San Gimignano: located directly on the main town square, the wedding hall (the so-called “Dante’s hall”) is decorated with wonderful, very charming frescoes.

A fascinating history as frame of your romantic wedding

Once the seat of a small Etruscan village, it began its life as a town in the 10th century taking its name from the Holy Bishop of Modena who saved the town from the Barbarian invasion. The town increased in wealth and developed greatly during the Middle Ages thanks to the "Via Francigena," the trading and pilgrim's route that crosses it. Such prosperity leads to the flourishing of works of art to adorn the churches and monasteries. The architecture of the city was influenced by Pisa, Siena and Florence.

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