Weddings in Arezzo

Endless love in Arezzo

Discover this charming Tuscan city! Set in the green valleys of Valdarno and Casentino, Arezzo is a town built on a series of terraces overlooking the gorgeous Tuscan countryside.

The wedding hall is near the Romanesque-Gothic Duomo in a beautiful piazza. The piazza is surrounded by elegant palaces which reflect varied architectural styles over the centuries. What a setting for your wedding photos! The town is filled with remarkable palaces, charming cobbled streets, and medieval homes.

Fascinating history to enrich your wedding day

Arezzo is a very ancient city, whose origins are Etruscan: fallen under the domination of Florence in 1384, the city is the hometown of the Italian poet Petrarch. Have a walk along the charming historical alleys of the city and discover its many historical and architectural treasures, such as the imposing Saint Mary church, characterized by its impressing façade and majestic bell tower; or the Basilica of San Francesco, the late Medieval building dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi and decorated with charming frescoes.

Arezzo: inspiration for artists of all kinds and all times

The wedding will be a real work of art: mentioned in the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri and painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the background of the worldwide renowned masterpiece “Mona Lisa”, Arezzo has been an inspiration and a setting for more modern forms of art as well… it is in fact on the main square of this charming city that a great number of scenes of the award-winning movie “Life Is Beautiful” by Roberto Benigni were shot.

Weddings are celebrated in a hall of the Palazzo Comunale (town hall) that gives directions on this very square: the perfect wedding venue for movie fans and art lovers!

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