Castellina in Chianti

Weddings in Castellina in Chianti

A romantic wedding in Castellina in Chianti

Just a few kilometers away from the global renowned city of Siena, this fabulous wedding destination is located in the very heart of the soft rolling hills of Chianti. The charming town center of Castellina is a perfect choice for those looking for a typical Italian wedding in Tuscany.

The historical town hall and the charming church 

A historical setting surrounded by soft rolling hills, woods, and vineyards; friendly atmosphere in a typical, quintessentially Tuscan setting. A wedding in Castellina in Chianti is history, nature, good food and excellent wines.

Fascinating history and breathtaking landscapes

The walls of Castellina have been settled in the late 700 BC when the town was already an important commercial center of the area. Initially built in the 11th century, the imposing castle of Castellina was built up and transformed in a fortress during the 15th century.

With a romantic wedding in Castellina i Chianti,  you will have the possibility of beginning your new wedded life in the best possible way! Imagine taking a romantic stroll along the fascinating narrow alleys of this charming historical town… just you and the big love of your life walking hand in hand and discovering the most romantic and charming corners of the beautiful town… The best possible setting for matchless wedding pictures!

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