Weddings in Cortona

Cortona: under the Tuscan sun.

Cortona is a small but fascinating city in the province of Arezza, situated on a commanding hill, and overlooking Lake Trasimeno. Its cyclopean walls, still in great part preserved, are said to be 3000 years old. A destination wedding in Tuscany find in Cortona a spectacular scenario which was often filmed and described by literature: we all remember “Under the Tuscan sun” bestseller.

Do you want to jump into ancient history?

Cortona was one of the twelve cities of Etruria and in its vicinity, many ruins and Etruscan tombs may be seen. Cortona took part in all the wars against Rome until 310 B.C. when Fabius Rullianus defeated the Etruscans and took Perugia. Many famous and brave Italian men were born or lived in Cortona: Brother Elias (Elia Coppi), the famous companion of St. Francis of Assisi, and later Vicar-General of the Franciscan Order; Cardinals Egidio Boni and Silvio Passerini; the painter Luca Signorelli; the architect and painter Pietro Berrettini (Pietro da Cortona). St. Margaret of Cortona (1248-97) was born at Laviano (Alviano) in the Diocese of Chiusi and became the mistress of a nobleman of the vicinity.

How can you get married in Cortona and avoid the tourist crowds?

If you are planning a civil wedding in Cortona, the only possible option is the main palace in the heart of the Town which it makes difficult to avoid the many tourists that every day enjoy this town. Catholic weddings, religious ceremonies, and symbolic events instead can take place in a secluded area of the village: the high monastery on top of the hills, all the charming farmhouses and villas in the near surroundings are just among the few options we can suggest you.

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