Weddings in Amalfi

Amalfi: a pearl destination wedding in Italy

Close your eyes and imagine Italy during the middle ages and the four principal towns fighting for the commercial sea routes. Amalfi was one of these and the lush and power of those centuries are visible on the superb and portentous central Duomo. Weddings in Amalfi are crowned by the flavors of a grandiose history, even though the narrow streets and alleys and the wild sea walking path present also the hardest time reality of the last few centuries. The mix among the high and low times, nowadays combine in an extraordinary fisher village which was once a “capital.”

The central Duomo of Amalfi is a masterpiece of Italian architecture for a traditional Catholic wedding

The beautiful town of Amalfi has preserved its traditional historic charm throughout the centuries: the fascinating cathedral of Amalfi (Duomo) is the real heart of Amalfi. Located directly in the city center, the building dates back to the 10th century and is a true jewel of architectural beauty. Catholic weddings are welcome and pictures are never enough for such a unique and important venue. We like to present Amalfi as a wedding destination for the main Duomo as this is the real motive of the village, though a symbolic or a protestant wedding can take place in some of the most charming villas along the Amalfi Coast.

The appeal of history and natural beauty

Brides and grooms who wish to get married in Amalfi are always very fascinated by the historical feeling and genuineness of this marvelous town, where architecture and nature harmonically contribute to creating an excellent atmosphere…

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