Weddings in Sorrento

The charming Sorrento: “O’ sole mio”!

A dramatic assemble of cliffs overlooking the Bay of Naples. As you head inland, the lush, rolling hills are intersected by the deep valleys, creating an intricate landscape that is beyond imagination. Throughout the town, the orange and lemon groves weave through the thickly wooded hills. The pastel-colored houses ornament the scene like jewels on a necklace that surrounds the shoreline. This town was granted the nickname "La Gentile" because of its gentle climate and simpatico inhabitants. 

Millenary history of legends.

Sorrento was the place where Ulysses heard the tempting song of the Sirens. Today, when the sea breezes blow through the town, you can almost hear their song. The beauty of Sorrento also enchanted the Romans: they built a road to the headland known as Punta Campanella and constructed small harbors along the coast. By the 18th century, Sorrento had become a haven for artists and intellectuals, such as Nietzsche and Ibsen.

Sorrento is a fantastic wedding location!

Imagine this. You enter a medieval cloister that is part of an impressive 7th century Franciscan Conventual complex. Outside, you smell the flowers from the nearby public gardens of the Villa Comunale. The ceremony is performed outdoors in the beautiful Cloister. 

For the reception, choose either an 18th-century palace for a large wedding or a small, privately owned seaside hotel for a smaller one. This is your special day: plan it with our expertise to have the best day possible!

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