Castle Wedding in the Gulf of Trieste

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Exchange your 'I dos' from this magical plunging cliff

This beautiful castle belonging to the Dukes della Torre e Tasso is perched on a high cliff and looks onto the beautiful Adriatic Sea from the rare beauty that is the Italian Eastern Coast. It is one of the most amazing venues for castle weddings with the hills on its back and the open sea in the front. On either sides, you will enjoy some of the most romantic, peaceful and incredible views on the Mediterranean Seas. 

A stunning location characterized by a long, rich past. A fortress of great importance for both the Republic of Venice and the Austrian Empire, this was an area of great strategic importance, and was fought for long, to secure access to the most important commercial ports of the Italian Eastern Coast. History, a unique mix of culture and traditions, soul-filling food and incredible wines only topped by the welcoming spirit of the people living around here. 


Event options for your day

The wedding receptions are served outside or inside the beautiful halls or in the cozy and extra scenic courtyard. We recommend it to our couples planning for an outdoor wedding reception to amaze your guests. 

In this amazing location it is possible to arrange outdoor ceremonies facing the horizon and Catholic weddings in the little chapel situated inside the castle and catering a maximum of 15 people. For larger groups, you can certainly book the town's main church. 

Civil weddings can be hosted in the nearby Trieste wedding hall (facing the sea). Protestant or symbolic weddings with sea views can be arranged directly on site.


  • 2 bedrooms usually reserved for the newlyweds 
  • up to 120 guests
  • 15 mins from Trieste airport
  • landscape terraces
  • multiple accommodation options nearby

La dolce vita triestina

30 minutes drive from the rocky cliffs of the castle and you'll be stepping into the very poetic Trieste. This Italian city has a special place in people's hearts for its very distinctive, unusual character of border city. Cross the suburban area and peripheral neighbourhoods and you'll be right in Slovenian quarters, that's how close they are. Top this off with the precious heritage of Austrian leadership right up until World War I, and you'll start to understand the very interesting recipe of cultural flavours co-existing around here. 

The vibe in the city is extremely relaxed, more so than in any other Italian corners. You could say that it's like the movie la dolce vita, on steroids. The physiognomy of this coastal side of Friuli is a meticolous balance between  green mountains and karst plateau - hence the locals' big love for rock climbing - and seaside and pebble beaches, validating their strong dedication for sun basking. The bottom line is that anybody stepping into this territory will immediately feel the influence of the laid back lifestyle. 

Good to know:

  • 13 km > Trieste
  • 20 km > Grado
  • 23 km > Gradisca d'Isonzo
  • 23 km > Gorizia
  • 31 km > Aquileia
  • 33 km > Palmanova
  • 54 km > Cividale
  • 63 km > Portoroz (Slovenia)
  • 139 km > Venice
  • 390 km > Milan
Recreational activities

The cultural mitteleuropa

The panorama around the castle calls for a day or two of full immersion into the nature. Hiking trails by the coast making for beautiful picture shots of the horizon and the Gulf of Trieste kissing, indigenous wonders like caves, a karst landscape, marble quarries and subterranean rivers to explore with the right equipment and a local guide who will show you the uniqueness of this piece of land from close.

A quick change of clothes into something more 'city-appropriate' and you'll be ready to walk around Trieste. Stop for a coffee in one of its famous cafes, local meeting places for writers and intellectuals and home to two big international coffee houses, Illy and Caffè Hausbrandt. Take a walk along the rive, the banks contouring some of the most romantic spots of town, like Piazza Unità, the only Italian piazza opening up to the sea. Follow up with a tour of the Jewish quarter and Risiera di San Saba, to dive into the more painful part of the city's history. 

Keep busy with:

  • watching the largest sailing regatta, Barcolana
  • playing a round of golf in the Collio area
  • speeding on Tarvisio’s alpine bob coaster
  • cross-border skiing
  • biking the Alpe Adria route
  • sipping coffee on Piazza Unità in Trieste
  • a boat tour across to Croatia
  • a boat tour of the lagoon in Grado