Weddings in Salò

The romantic atmosphere of Salò, Lake Garda, for a wedding without equals

Salò is a destination that should be discovered by leisurely wandering about, to discover and appreciate every hidden corner

Sitting on an enchanting gulf at the foot of Mount S. Bartolomeo, Salò is the capital of the Upper Garda area in the province of Brescia. The old city center between Piazza Carmine, the "Fossa" and the lakeshore is a dense network of streets, alleys and small squares lined with elegant homes, shops, restaurants, and bars. The market held every Saturday morning is very popular. A wedding in Salò is romance, tradition, peacefulness, and fun!

A precious, romantic atmosphere: a tender stroll along Lake Garda

Close your eyes and imagine the big day of your dreams… You and your beloved one, taking a romantic walk along the seashore while holding hands… a spectacular landscape of stone buildings reflecting on the glittering waters of the lake…  Just a few steps away from the seashore and its breathtakingly charming nature, you will find trendy and luxury fashion boutiques…

In this marvelous unparalleled little city, there is so much to see and to discover!