Weddings in Castelmola

On top of Taormina, Sicily’s pearl.

A natural balcony above Taormina, the view from Castelmola is dazzlingly beautiful: one can see, among a myriad of prickly pear cactus, the majestic Mt. Etna with towns clinging to its slopes, the Ionian coast, the Gulf of Giardini-Naxos, the Cape of Sant'Alessio, the straits of Messina and the Calabrian coast.

Beyond the ancient shade of almond trees, there is the entrance to the village, perched at the top of continuous winding curves. Tiny streets cross and meet in the main square, revealing the medieval town.

The beauty of a typical Sicilian town: warm colors and friendliness

Doors and windows are framed in the stone of Taormina, and the colors of houses vary from ocher to beige to antique pink, the sloping roofs are still covered with "Sicilian style" clay tiles, the street signs, the house numbers and shop signs are in stone and wrought iron. The beauty of the sea, the charm of history and the warmth of the people, will accompany you throughout your romantic wedding in Castelmola!

Every effort has been made not to spoil the village's appearance. The ancient Arch that marks the entrance to the village remained isolated after the building of Piazza Sant'Agostino in 1954; limestone steps on which it stands enhances its beauty. The piazza, paved in white lava stone, brings back a Sicilian atmosphere with its tree-lined sidewalks with stone benches and the scenic outlooks with sweeping views of Taormina.