A bit about Helga 

Born and bred in the German so-called 'city of science', the lovely Göttingen, Helga is our Superstar Supervisor at WeddingItaly. 

She relocated to sunny Tuscany as soon as she was done with her university studies and has lived there ever since, somewhere nice on the hills of Chianti Classico. In 1979, after a great intuition, she started her first big project and founded a local language school in Florence. Besides the responsibility as a Director, she was also in charge of teaching kids and training the other language teachers. You might recognize her from one of the many books she published about German grammar and language. 

Then came the big career change. Since 2002, Helga has been a member of the WeddingItaly family and she was such an active presence for the making of our agency. She is the mastermind behind hundreds of luxurious, high-end events from our archives - definitely her specialty - and a true language whizz. She is fluent in English, Italian, French (besides German, of course), and can master Portuguese well, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese at an entry level. She is pretty much a walking dictionary, so ask her anything and she'll know the answer. 


How I put my skills to good use with the team

To be honest, I feel European, more than anything else. And that's what I answer when people want to find out what my nationality is. I just love languages and looking at people through a cultural lens.

In my work, I managed to keep my approach, which is very focused on the client. As a teacher, it was my priority to support my students by creating a method that would respond to their own needs. And I do the same with my wedding couples. They all have each their own dreams and wishes, and it's the first time that they attempt to plan such a special day (for some, it's the second or third). I think it's about 'learning' to put together a dream wedding and I'm there with them at every step, sharing my 20-plus year experience without forcing them into a decision because an event like this one has to speak about them. This is the day two people express their uniqueness as a couple, so it has to be about them only. Besides, it's got to shock and shake them - and their guests' too!

I strongly believe that the planning has to be impeccable and that's our job to take care of every little detail, supporting our brides and grooms by taking on their worries. 

The comment I get more often is probably this "I feel like in a dream, Helga". That's not far from reality. When I help couples give shape to their dreams, I feel like a screenwriter working on a beautiful story, taking on the role of a director on the big day. I get extremely rewarded by the smiles and the happy looks on people's faces, who thank me for my big help. 

It's the best job ever.

Helga's top qualities

  • Reliable and professional
  • Creative and full of ideas
  • Great at planning
  • Stress management 
  • Very patient

My passions

I've always been attracted to languages. Particularly when I find out similarities between them, that no one expected to be there. I love to unearth the weaving connections of their stories, it's a magical universe in my eyes. The way I see it is that by knowing other languages we can better understand the world and the people living in it, we can communicate with others and learn about their vulnerabilities, we can exchange ideas and opinions. I love life and the interesting people I meet in my life, and my work. 

I'm an avid reader and people think my house is overstuffed with books, but I read all of them. I also enjoy writing and hope soon to dedicate time to writing a screenplay. I take long walks every day, it's a moment of great exploration of the outside world, and similarly of my inner world, too. Years ago I walked the entire Compostela pilgrimage with my daughter and it was one of the best spiritual experiences that I have ever lived. When I walk, I often think about the glitches that I see in my work and how I can fix them.

I spend time with dear friends visiting wine regions because for me good food and wine are real nourishment for the soul. That's why I always enforce the need for the combo food-wine in a wedding, and it makes me happy to be able to share my knowledge and experience with our loving couples.

My husband is originally from Venice and I have a wonderful son and daughter who live abroad, so I often travel between Berlin and Lisbon. I am also a very proud grandma, which gives me another excuse to visit them often.

Why did I want to become a wedding planner? That's easy. Personally, there is no better purpose in life than making others happy. I really do all that I can to make the impossible, possible and I do that through open dialogue and the power of understanding. 

I work hard and I love it, because I feel that I'm putting more beauty and peacefulness out there. And I'm also very punctual and precise, which I think comes in very handy in this line of work.

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