Alina Pauluzzi


A bit about Alina

Meet our accountant extraordinaire, Alina. Native from the Swiss Alps near Zurich where she enjoyed a peaceful childhood, Alina swapped her quiet life for the likes of Udine, in the north east of Italy where she moved with her family at the age of 4. 

Blessed by a clockwork precision, she showed a knack for numbers at an early age, and proceeded to study administration. This and her eye for detail secured her a career in accounting, giving her the opportunity to cover positions in support of different companies, in and around the Friulian capital.  

Alina is happily married with Marco, and shares her lovely house with daughter Martina, Twiggy and Artù, their faithful, furry companions.


How I support WeddingItaly

I love my job. I think that the best part of it is that I can finally work in a creative environment, watching - in awe - these incredible people work in a tight-knit team, each with their own role. At WeddingItaly everyone is very good at what they do! The atmosphere in the office is full of joy, and you wouldn't know that they are under stress. I can do my work very easily and I'd have to say that I have felt a part of the team from day one, suported and welcome, and for this I'm very grateful. My responsibilities include taking care of the administration for the company, and checking all the legal documents required for civil and religious weddings. This stage can be quite delicate, the procedure for Italian authorities needs to be respected, or else the ceremony might not be officiated. 

Alina's top traits

  • Thoroughness
  • Detail focused
  • Budgeting
  • Checking-double checking-triple checking
  • Loves teamwork

My passions

I love travelling and immersing myself in cultures from all over the world, long and short trips always leave something unforgettable imprinted in my mind. And whenever we can, we book and go.One of the places that left a big mark on my heart is definitely New York.

I'm an avid reader and enjoy books both in Italian and English. I like autobiographies, most of all. The last biography in English that I read is Greenlight by Matthew McConaughey, I thought it was very engaging.

Music is another big part of my daily life, so it's easy to catch me singing along one of U2's big hits, or going out for a live concert, it's been like this since my teens, I find it fun and relaxing at the same time. Having a young daughter also helps with expanding one's taste and musical culture, I know all the famous artists, try me! 

Once upon a time in America
Sergio Leone
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