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Best villas for weddings in Italy

And so, you are about to make your long-life love dream come true...what better than a wedding in an Italian villa? The emotion of the marriage proposal still lingering about, causing you to smile and be moved it is already time to choose where your special day should take place! What could be the right setting for such a momentous day? How to find the perfect background for your romantic, everlasting memories?

Close your eyes and imagine… a splendid location conveying an elegant, historical feeling, set against a landscape of rare beauty… charming indoor areas and beautiful, manicured gardens and, why not, a fabulous panoramic swimming pool… does this image ring a bell? If this is the sort of location you are looking for to celebrate your special day?

An Italian wedding villa is just the perfect setting for your special wedding in Italy.

A long lasting favorite wedding location among couples from all over the world, villas are the best choice for an unforgettable day… and there are so many possibilities that you will just be spoilt for choices! Usually rented in exclusive use, these splendid locations can be fully personalized with decoration, flowers and lighting: renting an Italian wedding villa in exclusive use will grant you and your guests with the greatest privacy for your special day and allow you to make the most of your romantic wedding in Italy.

Share the happiness of this momentous day with your nearest and dearest… some of the loveliest villas for a wedding in Italy are just the right size for smaller parties with just about twenty guests… but if you are dreaming of a lavish party with a few hundreds of guests do not worry… in Italy there are so many marvelous wedding villas for all sizes and styles!

From North to South, wedding in Italy villas are in fact much varied in size and kind, providing brides and grooms from all over the world with the widest range of possibilities for this fabulous day… Dreaming of the special feeling of an elegant historical palace or villa set at heart of the beautiful Florence or the romantic Venice? Looking for a princely villa with manicured lawns looking onto a Northern Italian lake? Or would you rather enjoy your special day with your closest friends and family in a charming little villa on the Amalfi Coast, with enchanting little gardens and breathtaking views of a striking coastline and the infinite sea? And if you are dreaming of a huge party with hundreds of guests, why not considering a typical Masseria in Puglia or a rustic villa in Tuscany?

Whether you are looking for a relaxed and informal feeling, or a stylish and elegant setting, an Italian wedding villa is the right choice for your special day! Just imagine… a lovely villa plunged into the loveliest nature, while being just minutes away from worldwide renowned places of interest and sights… a special location with great historical vibes, splendid statues and elegant stucco decorations, conjuring up the perfect blend between art, nature and stylishness… a luxury villa with panoramic swimming pool and infinite views of a splendid natural landscape… What would you like best for your special wedding in Italy?

Wedding villas in Italy are usually the best choice for weddings with 50 or more guests, though there are some charming possibilities for much smaller or larger events: regardless of party size, all wedding villas in Italy convey a unique and very romantic charm, providing thus brides and grooms from all over the world with the perfect setting for such an important big day!

Exclusive villas providing with on site accommodation for hundreds of guests… special locations allowing civil weddings to be celebrated on-the-spot… modern locations and historical villas… there is so much variety for your wedding in Italy that you will just be spoilt for choices!



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