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Italian wedding flowers

What could say "Italian wedding" better than flowers?

Every country has its own national flower, symbol of the spirit of its people: the importance of flowers in Italy is so big, that here we have three national floral emblems! The strawberry tree, whose white flowers, red fruits and green leaves at Christmas recall the colors of the Italian national flag, the alpine cyclamen, symbol of devotion of patience and the white lily, symbol of purity and religious devotion.

Experience the country of “amore” and natural beauty at its best with magnificent flowery decorations for your Italian wedding day!

Flowers are a very important part for your wedding in Italy - you can always rely on skilled Italian florists of our trust to provide you with the best floral decorations and loveliest bouquet. For your Italian wedding flowers we carefully carry out the flower design for your wedding in every single aspect. We are especially interested in particular designs, special flower arrangements and fresh blooms for your wedding. There is no lovelier finishing touch than fresh flowers.

Say something about yourself and your wedding in Italy with flowers: each of them has a language and a meaning of their own, just have a look at our “curiosity” section and you’ll be able to find out more about this!

Also colors have a meaning of their own: would you like to convey a feeling of energy and passion with your Italian wedding flowers? Then you should consider choosing a red shade for your floral wedding decoration. You’d rather emanate cheerfulness and optimism? Yellow flowers will fit you better! Nothing better than blue flowers to say “loyalty” and “trust” to your partner, or pink to vow your unconditional love. Everybody knows, anyway, that it is white, the ideal wedding color: symbol of purity, yet of wholeness and completion.

The floral decoration for your wedding in Italy, as well as your bouquet and boutonniere will always be provided with fresh, seasonal Italian wedding flowers. Craving for a summer wedding? Then it’s time for dahlias, iris, hydrangeas and tulips. For your autumn and spring wedding in Italy you might consider choosing orchids, symbols of beauty, lilies to state the sweetness of your love, and carnations. Furthermore, all year round you will always have the possibility of “counting on” roses, the quintessential symbol of love.

Our flower designers are the best you can find in Italy and our studio is completely devoted to sourcing the best of Italian and European flowers for your wedding in Italy.

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