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Italian wedding ceremonies

The ceremony is the most emotional moment of the wedding. It's when the couple begins is common life together. An Italian wedding ceremony can be organized anywhere in Italy from the high mountains of the Alps to a lovely town under the warm sun of Sicily.

The trend of outdoor ceremonies is getting higher as many couples like to enjoy the sun or the evening breeze in summer on the hills of Tuscany or near the beaches of the Amalfi Coast.

Outdoor ceremonies can be also legally binding in very few particular cases and they can be officiated by the local Mayor or by a religious minister. Symbolic wedding ceremonies are very common too and they can take place in beautiful gardens of villas and castles in Italy.

An Italian wedding ceremony run the gamut from the simple, yet elegant to the large and luxurious.

Civil wedding ceremonies are very common in Italy, especially for couples from other countries. However, these weddings are not at all dull and sterile, like those you may be used to seeing in your hometown. Italian civil wedding ceremonies are often held in beautifully designed townhalls furnished lavishly with antiques, exquisite tapestries, and artistic masterpieces. Some civil weddings are even held in lovely outdoor locations purchased by the local government.

Many couples choose to have a civil wedding in the morning followed by a blessing service in the afternoon. The choices available for such a service are nearly endless and the locations undeniably beautiful. Some popular choices include castles, palaces, luxurious villas, gardens, hotels, and even vineyards. The choices for an Italian wedding ceremony are many and are really limited only by your imagination.

Church ceremonies: Italy is home to some of the most beautiful churches in the world, featuring magnificent frescoes, paintings, stained glass, marble and bronze statues, intricate mosaics, and incredible architecture. There are some requirements for your church blessing service, but we'll fill you in on the details and make sure everything is dealt with in a timely manner.

Symbolic ceremonies are popular in Italy as well.

These latter typically occur after a couple has already had a civil wedding elsewhere and can include many traditions and practices. For this kind of Italian wedding ceremony there are no limits to the possible locations. At WeddingItaly.com, we take into account your every need and desire in planning the perfect wedding ceremony for you. Let us make the wedding in Italy of your dreams a reality.

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