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Music for weddings

What are the best choices to make sure music for wedding in Italy is truly unforgettable?

What is a wedding without music? Either if you plan an civil or a religious or a symbolic wedding in Italy, music is something not to forget to add emotion and flavor to a wedding ceremony. We highly suggest live musicians for the ceremony and, from our experience, the most suited and best loved for Italian wedding ceremonies are:

  • Harpist
  • String duo composed by Violin and Cello
  • String trios or quartets
  • Guitar and Mandolin
  • Classical guitar
  • Singer and pianist
  • Singer (Soprano or Tenor)
  • Organist for the church with a soprano or tenor
  • Choir (Gospel choir or classical choir)

We will be happy to help you in choosing the right music for your wedding in Italy, perfect for your event and according to your wishes!

Cocktail is another important moment where music can really make a difference for your destination wedding. Usually cocktail takes 1h30m and it is essential to let your guests enjoy very professional musicians. This is the time where your guests are relaxed and love the idea to listen to nice music and they do pay lot of attention to the quality of the band!

The most common music for cocktails are:

  • Classical Guitar duo
  • Swing duo/trio/quartet
  • Jazz duo/trio/quartet
  • Classical ensembles such as 5/6 elements of strings

What kind of wedding music in Italy would be best for lunch and the reception? Music for the wedding lunch or dinner is usually on the background.

Usually it might be enough to have a background music playing (for example by a dj), but a pianist or a pianist with a classical guitar creates always a nice atmosphere.  An Italian wedding party usually starts with the wedding cake and the first dance.

A live band is always suggested as live music makes everybody feel good! Bands can be of various tastes and quality, but usually wedding bands have a long and various repertoire ideal for any taste. It is possible for you to provide us with a long list of songs that the band can learn: a sort of on demand service in order to have the best wedding music in Italy.

Usually a band plays for 2 hours maximum, than the DJ will lead the night until very late hours!

How to choose your wedding music?

1.    What do you like better “Live or Recorded”?

  • Live = Musicians

This creates a very special atmosphere of empathy with your guests and adds a very special personal touch. It is important to consider the length of the service and your budget of reference, to make sure we help you find the perfect solution for your romantic wedding in Italy.

  • Recorded = DJ or CD player with sound system

Depending on your needs, recorded music might be the better choice to make sure your guests can concentrate on you and socialize with one another!

2.    The 2nd choice is “Instrumental or Vocal”?

  • Instrumental wedding music = a string quartet, harpist, violinist, or guitarist (or, if recorded, a full orchestra)
  • Vocal wedding music = a capella, or with a piano (or keyboard) or guitar accompaniment

3.    The 3rd choice is “Classical or Modern”?

  • Classical = strings, or an older song
  • Modern = 20th century songs including all latest hits

We are happy to arrange local folk music accompaniment or to organize the performance of artists specialized in traditional music of all origins and cultures, from Jewish bands to Indian music: just contact us with your ideas and needs, we can help you with all kind of services to make sure your wedding in Italy is just as you have always dreamt it!

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