Wedding Italy featured on France TV

Wedding Italy on French TV

We had the honor and the great pleasure to host Laurent Granier (web) and Aurelie Derreumaux, authors of the format "Just Married - Mariages du monde" (, who filmed the wedding we planned for Lorena and Cristian in the beautiful hills of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Venice.

The film will be part of a 10 episodes program of 1 hour each for the French TV channel France O and shown on prime time on France 2 National channel.

It is a documentary of international weddings, together with Italy, the other 9 episodes will tell the traditions, habits and culture of India, Marocco, Perù, Greece, Israel, Japan, Oceania, Africa and Caboverde marriages.

A documentary style program, completely different from the usual wedding shows, which is made to focus on the main differences of the marriage around the world in a elegant, fun and "on the road" style film editing.

We are very proud of this! We had a fantastic time showing Laurent and Aurelie around, taking them to meet the caterer, chosing the food together, following all the preparation. We look forward next Spring 2014 to watch on TV the film! Meanwhile read more info on our blog and keep posted for more information and pictures of this extraordinary wedding in the perfect Italian tradition!