Apulia: the ultimate Mediterranean wedding destination.

Be inspired by trendy Apulia region, the definitive wedding destination in Italy. We were amazed by the beauty and options this region offers.

Apulia, Puglia in Italian, is one of the most requested locations in Italy due to the great visibility  of some VIP and Indian multimillionaire weddings. This trend has took Puglia among the most loved locations in Italy and all of Europe… and there are reasons why.

Weddings are often planned in charming Masserie: a “masseria” is a typical villa or farmhouse of the South, usually composed by a main house, some working buildings, a stable and all surrounded by a high wall. A sort of small hamlet with a central villa in which a wedding can be organized in a very intimate atmosphere.
The video of Cloé and Lambert wedding we recently planned well describes a wedding in a masseria in Apulia, enjoy it here below.

In the last decade, most of these ancient and private Masseria were restored in charming hotels, villas or farmhouses and delivered as a “different” touristy destination to the global tourism. Some of these are extremely beautiful wedding venues, in Italy among the most beautiful.

We love planning weddings in Puglia and we proudly arranged some of the most beautiful events that took place in the region. The destination is perfect for any size wedding: small weddings as well large events with hundred of guests find in Apulia a perfect setting for their wedding in Italy. Apulia is a very open minded destination and gay weddings in Italy are also very common and often planned as symbolic ceremonies in the most charming spots.

Beach weddings in Apulia can be performed in some lovely beaches as well any confession finds its perfect place as Apulia has always been a crossway of cultures and now Orhodox, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant and Muslims find a very friendly atmosphere.
Enjoy some beautiful wedding in Apulia:

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