The splendid feeling of a catholic wedding in Assisi: a Brazilian wedding in Italy!

Imagine the perfect setting for a splendid catholic ceremony… an impressive, awe-inspiring historical feeling conveyed by centuries-old buildings, shaping the typical setting of the Italian Umbria region… a mystic and religious sentiment emanating from the whole city, hometown of the famous Italian saint Francis of Assisi… A splendid natural setting stretching out as far as the eye can see… Bya and Guilherme couldn’t dream of a better setting for their big day in Italy!

From the splendid and charming Brazil to the mystic hills of the lovely Umbria region, Bya and Guilherme wanted their catholic wedding to be romantic and meaningful, with romantic details adding that little extra touch to the ceremony, while keeping it as “simple” and genuine as possible! A heavenly music of harp and violin, as the perfect musical background of their romantic big day; a merry company of friends and relatives… A dream wedding for this lovely Brazilian couple!

Looking for the perfect setting for a catholic wedding in Italy? Considered the second preferred destination for a catholic wedding after the Vatican City and Rome, Assisi is a true dream! What does your dream wedding look like? Click here and let’s start making it come true!