The perfect Catholic wedding in Rome

The eternal city has always been one of the favorites’ European wedding destinations: weddings in Rome have a  unique and special charm, a mix of history and modernity all framed by the warm embrace of the friendly people and the lucky climate conditions.

A Catholic ceremony is even more special being Rome the cradle of Christianity: there are so many churches one can choose from. Jisselle and Josh came all the way from Texas, USA, to crown their dream of a wedding in Rome and the picked one of the most stunning churches of the Capital: Ara Coeli.

The church itself is a masterpiece of the Italian architecture with such a bright and exclusive interior. It is often chosen by the Jet Set including some very famous football players and actors.

The wedding weekend for Jisselle and Josh was the chance to share their love with the closest family and best friends, 34 guests shared this incredible experience: walking with the bride and groom in the crowded streets of Rome, the views of the Colliseum and the other iconic Roman ruins and finally enjoying a special dinner on top of a luxury restaurants with views of the city. Jisselle’s shining smile fills us all with great joy! This is the perfect wedding in Rome.

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