Having children at your Italian wedding

Destination weddings in Italy with or without children? A very common question: is it appropriate not to invite children?

Yes, it is. Especially if you are planning a very formal wedding in the evening.

How can we inform our guest without offending anyone?

The wedding etiquette invites the couple to send the invitation to each guest invited. If you are inviting a family, you should clearly address the invitation to “MR and MRS and family”. If you are not inviting children to your wedding, only address to “MR and MRS”.  If your friends enquire, let them know that as much as you love their children, this is an adult thing. Besides, your friends will have more fun without having to deal with their children.

Above the traditional wedding etiquette tough think that a destination wedding, especially in Italy, is often a chance for families to travel and enjoy a short break or holiday. This is somenthing you should consider when inviting families. We do suggest to invite the whole family with children as well and on the wedding day it is a very good idea to arrange a room with one or more babysitters so adults can enjoy the whole party while the babysitters will entertain children with games and films. You can also add a little note to your invitation saying that you’ll arrange a babysitter service during the wedding.

Children are also a lovely photo subject and many photographers really take lot of inspiration from their presence at a wedding. Enjoy a gallery from Love On Photography for example and see some nice pics taken on our weddings on the following gallery.

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