A splendid villa with sea views… the fairytale wedding of Lauren and James

A lovely scent emanating from a lush Mediterranean vegetation… an elegant liberty villa with a splendid fairytale garden… a breathtaking panorama of the infinite sea and the splendid Amalfi Coast… This lovely British couple couldn’t dream for a better setting for their romantic big day!

Surrounded by a setting of great natural beauty, benefitting from the warm feeling of the splendid city of Ravello, Lauren and James were just on cloud nine! After a matchless civil wedding ceremony in a lovely garden looking onto a breathtaking turquoise sea, a splendid historical villa located just minutes away, welcomed the lovely couple and their guests to a marvelous setting of elegance, historical beauty, fairytale gardens and lovely sea sights… Could you think of anything more romantic?

A fabulous fairytale atmosphere was everywhere to be felt in this splendid location, that truly let its light shine for this happy British couple! The enchanted atmosphere conjured up by the lovely garden, was just further enhanced by the wisely set lighting and decoration, making Lauren and James’ love dream come true!

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