Kate and Tariq… A special civil wedding in Tuscany

A mesmerizing 12th century palace with a breathtaking vaulted frescoed hall… elegant decoration and marvelous paintings with enchanting hints of gold and blue… a romantic historical town and bucolic views of soft rolling hills as far as the eye can see of the splendid Tuscan countryside… Sounds like a dreamlike setting, doesn’t it? In the bright city of alabaster, Volterra, Kate and Tariq lived the wedding of their dreams! And what better way to enjoy the lovely Tuscany, than celebrating your big day with your friends and family in a fabulous private villa with historical flair and… a swimming pool?

This lovely couple wanted their big day to be really special, full of happiness and special memories… in love with Italy and Tuscany, there could be no better “steed” for this prince and princess, than… a vintage Fiat 500! The civil wedding in the inimitable town hall of Volterra was just so moving and special… and the wedding reception afterwards was simply… beyond words! Strings and lighting conjuring up a very romantic “starred sky” … lovely decorations and romantic candles… and a wedding cake turned into an amazing show, just as delicious as it is beautiful!

Romance… elegance… stunning beauty… this alone sounds already like a prefect day… but there was still much more to this fabulous wedding to discover and enjoy… fun, dances, a live band… and a pizza midnight snack! Could a wedding in Italy just be… more perfect than this?

Have a look at the following pictures and let yourself be inspired by this lovely wedding in Tuscany… let’s start making your love dreams come true… it can be just as easy as a simple click!