Elegance, romance…and so much fun! Joanne and Carl’s wedding in Tuscany

Close your eyes and picture to yourself… a marvelous historical villa with breathtaking views of a fairytale countryside stretching out as far as the eye can see… princely halls, elegantly decorated with golden ornaments and extraordinary tapestries… enchanted gardens making you feel as if you had entered a romantic Wonderland… all your friends and families at your side, conjuring up the loveliest and happiest atmosphere… and to top it off perfectly… fireworks! Doesn’t this just sound like the perfect day you have always wanted to enjoy?

This sure was the case for this lovely and lively British couple! In love with the splendid Tuscan region and the distinctive Italian atmosphere, Joanne and Carl dreamed of a wedding like no other… loveliest bucolic views without giving up on the splendid feeling of an elegant 15th century villa… a romantic countryside setting just 30 minutes away from the marvelous city of Florence… a moving sunset and an exciting party… elegant sceneries and merry company… wouldn’t this just be an actual dream come true? The feeling was just so perfect and lovely… and everything was as cheery and delightfully as it could… We truly loved this special wedding in Tuscany!

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