The Jewish wedding in Italy of Alexia and Steven

Some weddings are really very special. Alexia and Steven’s wedding is one of those we will always keep in our heart. We have arranged before a few Jewish weddings in Italy, but always very small or not following the ancient traditicion that made a Jewish wedding very unique and awash with pathos! We had the opportunity to know Alexia and Steven in summer of 2012 when they organized a trip to Italy to find the perfect venue.

Immediately we loved their spirit and ideas, the beginning was hard as we need to deal a lot with the venues to find the perfect one! Finally we did and we could begin to plan this extaordinary and exclusive wedding with 200 guests coming from all over the world, mostly from Belgium.

The three days in Tuscany were filled with a lovely gathering in a typical Tuscan fattoria on the hills around Barberino Val D’Elsa, tasting home-made dishes arranged in the most typical Tuscan cousine with the background music gently playing all around the venue. The night kept on party around the pool at the venue for the younger people who enjoy a DJ set until 3 in the morning (Steven was really caring about drinks and music for this happening!)

The wedding was magnificient. We had to deal with the weather that really stressed out until the last minute. We indeed wanted to set up everything outside as the views are unbeatable! After the sky went blue and the sun was shining high, we could breath happily and the Ketouba could begin with the Rabbi, Steven and the families. I believe the wonderful photos of Carlo Carletti well explain the emotions of the Houppa and the long party that lasted until 5 in the morning. What an incredible day!

A big hug to our new friends Alexia and Steven and we will always remember your wedding fondly in our hearts.