Casual wedding on Lake Garda with a swim

A casual wedding for Tanja and Mark ended with a “all in” jump on Lake Garda.

It is difficult to imagine a wedding where all guests literally jump into the water to celebrate just after the ceremony. This is what happened last July 2013 at Tanja and Mark’s wedding in the fresh waters of the Italian Lake Garda!

The idea was to plan a very casual wedding in Italy. They felt in love with Lake Garda a long time ago and there was no other location more appropriate for them.

Tanja was looking for a very unique and special venue, somewhere out of the track, not too touristy and to be able to reach it by boat. The island we suggested was perfect for their vision: it took less than 1 minute to choose the venue!

Everything should have been organized as a “day out”: a boat ride along the lake with some cocktail and appetizers; a short and very emotional ceremony; time to discover this beautiful venue and why not a “swim on the Lake” to celebrate!

All guests were invited to join the ceremony prepared for this and they all had a great fun!

We do like to plan some less formal weddings, paying more attention on the fun of the day , the excursion, the feeling of such a “unusual” day. This is just a different way to be “exclusive” for Tanja and Mark. We do agree as what makes an Italian wedding exclusive is just the unique vision of the couple’s dream.  And it is always different!

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