Let the right vibe shine on your big day: how to define your wedding vision

Dreaming keeps the world in motion, and visualizing the happiest day of your life really puts a smile on your face.

From a practical point of view though, the big question is: how to make this beautiful dream come true?

Identifying your wedding vision is the first and most important step to take. A professional wedding planner makes sure your wedding vision is clearly defined, and this makes a great difference in the success of your special day in Italy.

What is the wedding vision?

The wedding vision is the foundation of your wedding, and is linked hand in glove with the overall feel of your big day in Italy. It is the leitmotif of your special day, that key element that links all your ideas, gives a sense of completion to everything, and makes your wedding really special and unique.

We are all different, so your wedding vision could be anything going from just a word, a color or a feeling, such as classy, country-chic, white, to a very detailed impression of how every moment should take place.

How is your vision incorporated in the wedding planning?

With so many details to take care of, you might feel a little lost… and that’s where your wedding planner comes in to your rescue! We have a long experience at planning weddings in Italy and can help you pinpoint what matters to you the most and what truly makes the difference to give shape to your ideas.

We know how your wedding vision is the key element to the success of your special day, and that’s why we pay particular attention to this crucial aspect.

We always love to talk about this with you over Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp as the first step of your planning. Talking about your ideas helps you define which are the most important elements of your wedding, and is the starting point for a successful scouting to find the perfect wedding location.

The wedding vision will be the guiding star of the whole planning process, and we devote a lot of time to help you incorporate tailored elements to each moment of your wedding in Italy to make it truly unique and special.

This regards all sort of details that are important to you and goes from defining a color pattern for your wedding decoration, to choosing a mood-board for the whole day, but it can also include choosing a dress-code for your special day, music background and the very wedding venue.

Whether you want something classic or innovative, intimate or lush, the key questions are: how do you want people to feel and what would you like them to remember about the day?

Where to start?

Take some time to talk about your ideal wedding vision with your partner: just start from the basics to understand what are the key features of your special day that are important for you both. Our couples also find it very fruitful that their wedding planner takes part to this discussion, in order to get a realistic time-frame and practical examples and ideas.

We have prepared an easy guide to help you go through the main features you can consider when finding your wedding vision for your special day in Italy.

Wedding size

How many guests would you like to invite? Do you prefer a super romantic elopement, an intimate wedding with your nearest and dearest or a lavish event that will get people talking in the years to come?

Will this be a gathering of close friends enjoying a special holiday together or a huge family affair? Will there be children among the guests?

Answering these questions helps creating a very realistic frame that will be the perfect starting point to define all other important details of this momentous day!

Wedding ceremony

Choosing the right wedding ceremony goes hand in hand with the creation of the perfect vibe for your event. What is the most important thing to you?

If you find it essential that your wedding ceremony is legally valid back home as well, then a civil ceremony is the one for you.

Historical churches in Florence, Venice and the most beautiful destinations in Italy are the perfect setting for ceremonies of strong spiritual significance and great elegance, while the beauties of Italian nature, from the Tuscan countryside to the infinite sea are the ideal backdrop for romantic symbolic ceremonies.

Do you wish to pay homage to your culture and traditions in the most beautiful venues of Italy or is the spirit of your union a joyful gathering of friends and families? 

Atmosphere of the wedding

Once the wedding size and kind of ceremony have roughly been defined, you are free to concentrate on what you wish the overall atmosphere of the wedding to be: elegant and refined or carefree? Formal or easygoing? Countryside, sea or place of interest? Simple or luxury?

The beautiful part is that in many destinations of Italy one thing does not rule out the others!


We love to take part in your discussions about that, especially because some destinations in Italy are better suited to a particular atmosphere than others, such as the inherent elegance of lakeside and Venice or the amazing country-chic ambiance of Tuscany and the unique Mediterranean appeal of Puglia.

Music, lighting and flowers are all important details that help you further convey your wedding vision to your guests and create perfect memories that you will treasure ever after.