Love, beauty and fun… an outstanding wedding in Florence

Let yourself daydream for a moment, and picture to yourself the perfect backdrop for your dream day… Imagine a matchless city, with distinctive flair and unforgettable atmosphere, where the vibe of history and art is still everywhere to be felt… Regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world, the fascination and romance of Florence is just boundless… incomparable artistic, historical and cultural heritage, side by side with the most stunning and romantic sceneries and enchanting atmosphere… with the most beautiful countryside landscapes within a stone’s throw from worldwide renowned monuments and palazzos…What better setting for a special destination wedding?

This lovely French couple lived out their sweetest wedding dreams they could ever think of! Everything was just so lovely and flawless… and Florence simply picture-perfect! The special feeling to the civil wedding was enhanced by the matchless beauty of the marvelous Palazzo Vecchio and its breathtaking wedding hall… and the ride in a typical Fiat 500 was just so much fun! Marine and Antoine wanted their special day to be refined, elegant, dreamy… without giving up on fun, relaxation and the special touch that a group of loving friends can give! And what better background for a special and amusing celebration, than a splendid historical villa with views on Florence and its countryside? The location was so beautiful, it just felt as if an actual fairytale…

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