An unforgettable Austrian wedding in Tuscany: from the elegant atmosphere of Vienna to soft rolling hills!

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect “Italian wedding”… bucolic yet elegant, utterly romantic and very, very special… A splendid view of soft rolling hills as far as the eye can see… the fairytale atmosphere of a romantic castle as setting for a very special day… It goes without saying… a wedding in Tuscany is a guarantee for a super-romantic, very exclusive event!

Dominik and Clara, a lovely couple from the marvelous city of Vienna, couldn’t think of a better setting for their romantic wedding in Tuscany! A lovely, very moving outdoor ceremony and a splendid reception under the Tuscan sky! … elegance and romantic feeling with infinite views of romantic Tuscan countryside, is there anything lovelier for a very special wedding?

Let us know about your dreams for a perfect wedding: we look forward to helping you live your personal fairytale in Tuscany or everywhere in Italy! Stop dreaming the perfect wedding, live it now with our help!