Paper boats as a nice decor idea for your wedding swimming pool

Often a beautiful swimming pool is the perfect setting for the welcome cocktail or even for the party after dinner. Sometimes we did also arrange the whole wedding reception around the pool with great scenic effects!

The most common decoration for a wedding swimming pool are flooting candles and flowers.

Last year tough, we imagined how it would have been nice to add an extra touch with a thousand floating paper boats, all handmade, with colored paper, and the result was an amazing, funny and chic detail.

It’s easy, it’s fun. You can also organize a pre-wedding party with all your friends to “build” hundred of boats!

Remember to select only natural paper which does not lose color: leave a paper boat in a basin of water throughout the night so you can try if it actually does not lose color that could ruin the pool.

The following pictures are taken during a very special wedding in Italy in the beautiful Villa di Ulignano near Volterra.