Planning a small destination wedding in Italy

We love the idea of small Italian weddings.

A more intimate wedding ceremony is the perfect option to keep your budget down or use all your budget for a more exclusive event to share with your family and best friends.

If you can keep the guest list small, you open to many more possibilities: more venues, more creative options are available for a small event, more budget for extras, and more exclusive service providers, chic restaurants or small private villas.

Keeping the celebration of your marriage with the people closest to you will give you more time to spend with them, more memories and quality time for every person you invite.

The size of a smaller wedding also depends on your idea of “standard wedding”, you might consider small a wedding is inviting ten guests or 50 or even 100! It is just up to your own experience!

At WeddingItaly® we are pleased to celebrate small events with yourselves as much as we do large size events. Keep in touch and connect with the Team with your ideas.

Love from the whole team!