Prime Minister’s quick visit

It happens to know a person for a long time and the same turns to become a famous tv star, singer or writer to say some.

Less it happens he turns to a Prime Minister!

As you know at Wedding Italy we are among the first wedding planners ever in Italy, working with some local administrations since a long time. Florence is one of the cities we have planned more weddings ever and where we have solid and stable connections and relationships.

A few months ago, on a wedding in the beautiful Sala Rossa, Helga was happily surprised before the ceremony by a lovely visit for a quick “ciao”: the new Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi. It was a nice gift for the groom too as the Major of Florence was already famous on the international press.

Wishing to Mr. Renzi a traditional Italian: “in bocca al lupo”!

Prime minister Renzi and Helga

Prime minister Renzi and Helga