The romantic beauty of the splendid Lake Como… a fairytale wedding for Dawn and Richard

Let us present you with a very special wedding to celebrate Christmas Eve at its best!

From the breathtaking, lively streets of Glasgow and London to the ethereal shores of the dreamlike Lake Como… for the super-romantic wedding of Dawn and Richard! Just like in a modern fairytale rich in elegance and charm, this lovely Scottish couple decided to tie the knot in a setting of matchless beauty!

The ceremony at San Giorgio church couldn’t have been more moving and touching… getting to the wedding location with an amazing boat tour could but add to the beauty and fascination of the day! And there is no better setting for an unforgettable wedding, than an elegant villa looking directly onto Lake Como!

Looking for inspiration for an elegant wedding on Lake Como or in Italy? Would you like to present yourself with a very special Christmas present? Let’s start planning the big day of your dreams! With the best wishes for a happy holiday from all of us!