Say "I Love You" with the right flower

Every flower has a secret meaning and for each meaning there is a different “Ti Amo”. You can say “I Love you” meaning “Fidelity” rather than “Purity” or “Faithfulness”.

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Be romantic when every once in a while you’re back home with a nice different flower, sometimes a single flower, sometimes a bouquet of the same flower, preparing a nice note tied with a ribbon, handwritten (it dosn’t matter if your writing is horrible!) saying what the flower symbolizes and close the small card with “Ti Amo amore”!

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Ivy: fidelity
Bluebell: constancy
Red Chrysanthemum: Love
Honeysuckle: devoted affection
Red Rose: purity and loveliness
Red and White Roses: unity
Snowdrop: hope
Violet: faithfulness
Carnation: engagement
Jasmine: Hindu symbol for love
Sunflower: infatuation
Apple blossom: promise
Gardenia: Joy
Holly: domestic happiness

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