Walking down the isle: who, why and how!

One of the most magical and emotional moments of any wedding is when the bride walks the isle. Even if the tradition says that the bride is “given away” by her father, nowadays we see so many different options. Here a few thoughts about it!

Why tradition is as above? In ancient times, women were really protected by the family and especially fathers. So the passage, it was up to the man of the family to “give away” his daughter to the groom.

But what about other alternatives?

You brother, uncle, best male friend often give away the bride when dad is missing. Sometimes the bride loves to walk with her mum. It often so common, especially in alternative and modern weddings, the couple walks together, maybe arriving with a charming car. This very often happens on gay weddings in Italy and it is really lovely. And what about walking with all your best friends together and maybe dancing on your all favorite song? We saw this as well and it was so enjoyable.

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