WeddingItaly for the Social: we care and help

A small gesture can do a lot. Through your wedding we give hope and we try to make the world a better, safer and cleaner place. 

We are very lucky as our job brings us in the most beautiful locations of our beautiful country, we meet special people working for precious couples. We feel luckier everyday more. Many things are running wild outside and even in our own country there are people in need of help and assistance.

A wedding can do a lot and there must be a way we can even help with an apparently insignificant sign.
We do sustain the following projects and we hope you can do the same. If your heart says you believe in this, let us know. We will share with you our way to help.

Associazione Nulaggi – A small village in the heart of Africa called Nulaggi where a Priest of Alberto’s home town has been living for the last decade or so. He directly follows the building of a new school, a new well and various other importat activities. Twice a year people from this association flights to Africa to help and assist. This is a small association made by people of one only town in Italy, nothing to do with big world wide organizations, but for this reason it is very effective and a small donation or a small gesture goes directly to who needs. All volunteers do not fly with the money rised, but pay their own costs.

Sea Shepard – This association is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Their mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

We love the sea and the oceans. It’s part of our lives and it’s part of our responsibility to help everybody’s willing  to protect this gift received from the earth. Alberto & Sonia’s friend, Eugenio, is a veterinary and works as volunteer in this association as responsible for Press and school teaching He often tells us about their mission and how much love they put into this. We are proud of him and love to help passionate and heart warmed people!

How To Directly Help?

We can suggest you some ideas such as gifts, t-schirts, welcome cards printed by the voulonteers, welcome bags, children games and much more to donate with a simple gesture and use the donation for your own wedding or pre-post wedding events decorations/gifts/ideas.