Wedding in Sicily on the Island of Favignana

May 18th was one of those special weekends at WeddingItaly as we were going to coordinate the wedding of the lovely Lauren and Richard in a very special location: one of the most extraordinaries and romantic scenarios in Italy, the island of Favignana. A wedding in Sicily we will always remember.

The planning took almost a year with most of the service providers coming from the main island and Italy as the small village is a very secluded retreat!

Helga and Alberto felt in love with Favignana and the people on the island! They were all amazed and curious for this special event as never happened before such a large wedding took place in this small town!

Funny moments when Helga had to explain to the registar officer of the island how to deal with “documents from abroad”! Well, it’s lovely when we discover new locations.

Enjoy the beautiful pictures taken by David Bastianoni with Lauren and Richard so lovely, happy and so in love!