Weddings in Italy

Make your dreams come true with a wedding in Italy

Any bride hoping to plan a romantic wedding, must consider Italy one of the more attractive prospects. Italy's physical beauty is unmatched, while its fine wine and food are just as exceptional. The guests of your Italy wedding not only get the chance to witness the beginning of your marriage, but they also get the chance to take in some of the most breathtaking sights in the entire world. In addition to Italy's picturesque landscape and stunning architecture, it is home to some of the most famous artistic masterpieces ever created.

Italy's climate is mild and calm all year round. Warm, sunshine-filled days are experienced throughout the year in Italy. In winter, Italy does have days that are both cool and rainy, but since Italians consider it lucky to have rain on the wedding day, a little rain is really no big deal. Though weather in Italy is generally mild, it is wise to avoid mid-winter for open air weddings. Summer days are usually hot and humid, but travelers and honeymooning couples don't seem to mind, spending time lounging at the beach and enjoying leisurely sightseeing.

Honeymooners and wedding guests are sure to find plenty to do in Italy after the ceremony. The happy couple can enjoy taking in famous landmarks, visiting countless museums and galleries, visiting wineries, and even going on romantic gondola rides. Wedding guests, likewise, often choose to stay on and experience all that Italy has to offer after leaving the newly married couple to enjoy the honeymoon.

Let us at use our expertise to plan your Italian wedding. Whether you choose Rome, Venice, Florence, Sicily, or any of Italy's other fascinating locations, we'll make sure your wedding, from the time spent in Italy before your wedding right through the last second of the honeymoon, is an experience you and your spouse will never forget.