Why a wedding in Italy with Wedding Italy?

Romanticism, beauty and friendliness: for a very special wedding day!

Getting married in Italy is a very special destination to enjoy an unique wedding in a such a special and romantic country. Why should you get married in Italy? We could list all qualities our country implicitly offers (romantic, fantastic landscapes, beautiful cities, art, history, food and wine…), but we like to introduce Italy with the vision and the feelings of a bride and a groom, like you that you are reading.

Imagine the warm atmosphere of millenniums of history, the charming "embrace" of the  Italians with their friendly and communicative attitude to life, the enchanting vibrations of the Land that spoiled artists and writers, the rich and exclusive settings you can create your wedding in, that for centuries all European Kingdoms tried to conquer.

You should imagine the scents of spring flowers, lemons, oranges, olives, tomatoes… all “that it is Italian” incredibly perfumes. Feeling models for a day in the country of Valentino, Versace, Prada, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana to number a few. Immerse yourselves in everything you know it is Italian: pizza, pasta, wine, food, colors, fashion, art, history, people, landscapes, Rome, Florence….

Anything you can think, it will be more. Anything you can feel with your knowledge, it will be more and more when you live it in the real Italy. “Italian weddings” is this: a mix of sensations, a vision, a perfume, an embrace to charm and exclusivity.

How to get married in Italy? This is a very common question every bride and groom asks at the early stages of planning.

It is easy.

We have been planning weddings in Italy since 1999 and with thousand of wedding arranges in the most beautiful Italian locations, we gained a very deep experience to handle all procedures and create any wedding following your personal vision.

You should start with a simple email, a phone call or filling the request form. We will contact you with some preliminary information, explaining the paperwork and suggesting a first selection of Italian wedding locations.Choosing the venue is the first step. All other wedding services will follow consequently following your ideas and budget. We will keep track of all arrangements step by step, you will feel assisted and followed on every single detail.

Why choose us?

There are many Italian wedding planners working with destination brides and grooms in Italy. Either living in Italy or planning a wedding from abroad offices. 

When we started, we were among the few Italian wedding planners in Italy, among the first ever. The word “wedding planner” was not even included in the Italian dictionaries! (No joking! This is real!). Experience is important. So the first reason to choose us is: we have a great experience with hundreds of weddings in Italy planned since 1999. This is the link with hundreds of testimonials: testimonials page

Choosing a wedding planner is also a matter of “feeling”. So you should feel the wedding planner is in line with your own vision and dream. Any vision you have, doesn’t matter how big, exclusive, simple … you imagine your wedding day. We should create a team with yourselves. We work as a team. So the second reason to choose us is: we offer a very special opportunity which is not only to create your wedding with a wedding planner, but if you feel you need more options and you feel you need more assurances, you can always count on the entire team at Wedding Italy. So you can contact all of us at your preference.

Besides these, we can list the following important information:

•    We are in business since 1999
•    We have been featured on Time Magazine, New York Times, Herald Tribune, Weddings and Honeymoons, Brides, Cosmopolitan Bride, You and your Wedding, Corriere della Sera, Repubblica and many many other magazines and newspapers: see our PRESS section
•    WeddingItaly® is registered trade mark and not just a website
•    We have a tour operator license to cover all travel and excursions requirements
•    We have a regular VAT number
•    We are enrolled at the local Chambre of Commerce
•    We have the following faces and this is our own biography: THE TEAM
•    We are based with two main offices near Venice and near Florence
•    We have a team of wedding coordinators working with us all over Italy
•    We do coordinate our weddings with our own wedding coordinators part of the team
•    We are reachable Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm Italian time (excluding Sat/Sun and holidays). We are always reachable on mobile phone to our couples while in Italy
•    We have planned more than 1.500 wedding in Italy in our career