Ashley and Will: the romantic feeling of a splendid winter wedding in Umbria

Thinking of a wedding in Italy, most people would probably imagine a deep blue Mediterranean sea, a summer sun shining high above them… or maybe the soft rolling hills of Tuscany in a pleasant mid-September afternoon…

Choosing a month (or a destination!) to get married in, is however an absolutely unique process: Ashley and Will wanted to feel a very genuine and unique “Italian flavor” for their wedding… and proved that a winter wedding in Italy is just as beautiful and romantic as a marriage in more “popular” months. This lovely American couple from Montana also chose a very special and “less renowned” region as destination for their wedding: the evocative, even poetic region Umbria was a marvelous setting for a very special, super-romantic elopement! Imagine… the soft, picturesque lights of an early winter sunset… the fragrance of crackling fire and the magical beauty of Christmas lights… Dreamlike, isn’t it?

If you’d also like to organize an unforgettable elopement in Italy, contact us with your ideas and vision. We will be happy to help you live the big day of your dreams!