Barbara and Ken

'Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else's dreams?' (Tim Burton, film director)

Our Barbara and Ken had waited a little longer than their peers to tie the knot, but this made the whole experience much more earnest and heartfelt. You could tell some parts had been hatched in their minds and hearts for years, and their vision of the day was not only clear, but it spoke in a language that was their own. We work on at least 60 to 70 weddings per high season, and people might think that we replay the same movie over and over, with just a change of actors. Couples might take inspiration from that wedding catalogue and decorate the pews like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Westminster Abbey, but each love story is told in a very unique way, every time. It's what you ultimately want to remember, and others to remember this day by.

Turning dreams into reality

The idea of investing in a big welcome dinner, or rehearsal dinner some would say. The choice of a very known local Church for their Catholic ceremony which was strategically located on the opposite side of the lake, and fro this reason, to be reached with a big ferry carrying the guests in their wonderful outfits. A reception hall worthy of royals to satisfy every one's little craving for luxury and sparkle. A post-wedding brunch in the private garden by the pool to sit together and reminisce on the best and funniest moments of this experience. These two love birds dared to dream big.

The tip of the day

How can you spice up your rehearsal dinner so it will be talked about for years to come? Barbara and Ken know a thing, or two about this! Their ideas were wild, and we were very excited to follow through with them. What we arrange for them was a crazy show of world-class acrobats, contortionists and performers in provocative customs entertaining the group of guests with mesmerising choreos. This was certainly one for our books, too. 

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