Cibele and Pooyan

Villa San Michele

When in doubt, place your bets on a wedding in Florence

At WeddingItaly, the only thing that we love more than a wedding, is a culturally diverse wedding. This couple gave us so much emotion that it's a real pleasure revealing some of their most special moments, and best frames. An encounter of distant ethnicities that proves yet again how couples meet each other in the most unexpected places. 

It was mid week, and the airport in Florence was quickly filled with Iranian, New York and Brazilian family members and friends of the besotted couple. Cibele and Pooyan had clear ideas on how their weekend of celebrations could leave a mark on their guests' hearts, and their own. We received sensible inputs and requests for the 2 days of fun, music-filled surprises that they had for this cheerful large group, most of which would happen at Florence's Renaissance headquarters, Villa S.Michele

Here's a little peek into our lovebirds' experience.

Wedding planned by

The vision

Cibele and Pooyan's notes

Music and glam were the two keywords we saved under this young, vibrant couples' file. 

We could tell early on that our Cibele was a very hands-on bride who had done her homework and was very easy to talk to, when looking for a practical solution. The focus was centred particularly around the symbolic ceremony happening on Day 2 at the Villa, for which many details had to be organized.

Her requests were made with the same grace she was known for, and we did our very best to follow. 

Champagne tower to impress, Bossa Nova trip to soothe and a bridal surprise to the groom, with an Italian tenor entering the room to entertain the crowd during the dinner party. It was going to be eclectic and very tastefully represented - all of which would be filmed by Brazilian videographers invited for the occasion by Cibele herself.

The five deal breakers for Cibele and Pooyan

  • Location: Florence or nothing
  • Ceremony: 3 different ceremonies
  • Video: their own videographers  
  • Guests: different guests for the different moments
  • Side activities: 2 day event

The action plan

How did we pull it off

 Our biggest contribution to the planning was mainly focused around coordinating the three different ceremonies, and all that they required to be executed. It was indeed quite special to see Cibele and Pooyan get married three different times, each with a new setting but holding on to the same importance. 

Day 1 was designated for the celebration of the Catholic rite, a small and intimate time with only immediate family and a handful of loved ones reunited at the Chiesa di Ognissanti to witness their matrimony. The after ceremony included drinks and food at the West Inn Excelsior just around the corner from the church, with one of the best views to the famous Tuscan piazza. 

The morning after, we kept the same intimate feeling for the Persian ritual hosted in one of the Villa's private rooms with around 20 family members. Such a beautiful experience to learn from different rituals, and supervise the preparation of the altar, complete with all the trinkets wishing the couple a healthy, happy future. Day 2 ended with the symbolic gathering open to the entire party, and a clap-worthy aperitif and dinner on the terrace, wrapped in Florence's most romantic night skies. Kudos to our couple and a very bright life together.