Erika and Alberto 

'All human beings are also dream beings' (Jack Kerouac, novelist)

From the dreamy hills of West Hollywood to the rows of vineyards on the Collio District, on the green eastern border of Italy. The Snaidero family, heirs to the worldwide known kitchen manufacturer responded with joy when Alberto and Erika, his Interior Designer fiance announced that they were going to tie the knot back 'home', where his family is originally from. We were over the moon with excitement for this event, given the special connection with this couple. Our main office sits about half an hour drive from the Collio hills, which is a big advantage in preparing for the event, and organizing the site inspections beforehand. The guest list was finally locked at 140 guests - we had about 8 months to make it happen, and a lot of work to do!

Turning dreams into reality

It doesn't matter how many details we oversee, emails we exchange, how big the event is. At the end of the planning, right before the whole show starts the pressure is high and we do a sit together with the entire team to adjust the focus. 

With the afternoon ceremony taking place in the nearby town of Cormons, the big group of guests showed up at the Duomo thrilled to see the bride in her shiny de la Renta white gown, a picture of tradition and elegance, so beautiful! The church had been decorated with a set of 3 candelights per pew on each side, and the floor of the nave completely covered in petals, a wonderful way to welcome the bride to the altar. Little after the ceremony was over and the group photo-taking was deemed sufficient, the party headed in buses towards the reception venue, for a magical time at the Castello di Spessa. Here, once again the graceful touch of Erika's design taste directed the creation of a fairy-like atmosphere with 2000 candles and 700 meters of fairy lights decorating the garden. 

The tip of the day

A wedding is an opportunity for celebration, and no wish is big enough. Some couples are doubtful on which decorations are more appropriate, and, as we say time and time again, it's difficult to anticipate how it will really look like on the day. Follor your instincts. One thing is for sure, that the focus should stay on what you want, regardless of comments or opinions from any one of the family or guests. Erika and Alberto chose to create a logo with their initials and have it set with candlelights on the lawn and with lighting decoration hanging on the castle tower. A detail that certainly gave a stronger identity stamp to the event. And the perfect way to wrap the festive atmosphere right before the DJ started to mix some tracks was the spectacular show of fireworks gifted by the parents of the groom as a surprise to the couple. An explosive wedding ending, some would say. 

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